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Tea Shop 168- Spadina Rewards

About Tea Shop 168- Spadina

Tea Shop 168 is proud to be the largest bubble tea chain in Canada. We strive for consistency in offering our communities always with the best tasting bubble tea beverages and Taiwanese Asian cuisine all year around.

Our customers can depend on us for our commitment to quality and our ongoing effort for higher product and service satisfaction. It is our principle to maintain a leading-edge approach in the bubble tea brewing technique and to stay abreast of the latest trend as well as product innovation. We have worked hard in building our brand name superiority while maintaining the authentically Taiwanese tradition reflecting in the products that we carried and menus offered from our tea shop restaurants.

We are convinced that Bubble tea drinks are not a fashion trend but a public beverage that is here to stay. This is evident in the many bubble tea shops that have shown up since its first appearance in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea, and countries of South-East Asia such as Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and also American and Canadian market. Recently, even the Middle Eastern countries have participated in this trend. We need to say no more, "Pearl, Boba or better known as the Bubble tea" will claim its status nationwide as the drink of the century soon after coffee.
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