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About The Perfect Scoop Handmade Gelato and Ice Cream

The appearance of artesian italian ice cream (gelato) in Uxbridge began with a pharmacist’s ongoing interest in applying what he learned from years of training in compounding traditional pharmaceutical grade products for topical and internal use. The skills learned creating unique customized products were mostly idle as the vast majority of prescription products are now pre-manufactured. Bob decided to direct his skills and interests in directions outside of the pharmacy–no not like Walter White in Breaking Bad!

Bob’s philosophy is that “everything is chemistry,” and he started to apply is knowledge base to making great food sauces (emulsions), tempering chocolate (crystal structures) making soaps from scratch (saponification/crystal structure) and discovering what makes one ice cream superior to another (emulsions, crystal sizes, freezing point depression). The latter led him to an intense one week “Science of Ice Cream” course in Las Vegas, Nevada which was hosted by internationally renowned food scientist’s Tharp and Young. Upon returning from this course Bob then attended another course in artesian Gelato making in the Woodbridge area of Toronto. “Once I discovered the physical differences between gelato and ice cream and tasted my first batch of fresh gelato there was no turning back…, I learned that it is not necessary to have a high fat content to make a superior ice cream.” Freshness, formulation, density and rapid freezing makes all the difference when it comes to the taste and consistency of the final product. The interest in gelato became an intense hobby and many formulations of gelato were tested in the kitchen using a small batch ice cream freezer.

Come out to the The Perfect Scoop to experience freshly made, hand crafted, small batches of heaven!
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