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About MoJo Vapes

My wife and I turned to electronic cigarettes after 20 years of smoking because we were attracted to the fact that they contain appropriately 4000 less ingredients and no known carcinogens. We are big lovers of the out-doors and often found ourselves physically held back by our lack of wind due to 20 years of pack-a-day addiction. We found the switch (shockingly) easy to make and immediately noticed improvements in our enjoyment of a variety of activities, and became huge proponents of vaping as an alternative to regular cigarettes.

I became a vaping enthusiast, trying out different juices, products, brands and styles. I was always impressed with just how many people were changing their lives and lifestyles by switching to vaping. As I became more passionate about vaping, the idea of opening a retail store began to take shape, and after a few months of work and research MoJo Vapes Inc. first retail location was opened on December 14th in Peterborough Ontario, followed thereafter by MoJo Vapes EJuice line, and the MoJo Vapes online store.

At MoJo Vapes we carry top electronic cigarette brands and juice lines at excellent prices and pride ourselves on our customer service. We are here because we believe in the product and we want to give Canada a great ecig experience in any way we can.

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