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Monday: 10:00am-6:30pm
 • Wednesday: 9:30am- 6:30pm
 • Thursday: 9:30-7:00
 • Friday: 9:30-7:30
 • Saturday: 8:30-6:00
 • Sunday: CLOSED

Jeanie’s Market & Bakery Rewards

About Jeanie’s Market & Bakery

Jeanie’s Market was founded in 2002 by Jean and Neville Buckley. Both Jean and Neville were born and raised in Jamaica and migrated to Canada in 1989 with their family. Jean had always dreamed of opening her own store in Canada to bring back the feeling of being ‘back home’. Walking into Jeanie’s you can feel the warmth from the Jeanie’s staff. Offering fresh imported produce and fruits, fresh and pickled meats, and an assortment of spices, seasoning, and much more, Jeanie’s will make you feel like you never left home.
In keeping with the idea of bringing the taste of Jamaica to Canada, in 2008 Jeanie’s opened a bakery. The bakery produces a variety of baked goods that are highly enjoyed in the Caribbean, such as: Bulla, Rock Buns, Plantain Tarts, Rum Cakes, Sweet Potato Pudding, Toto, Patties, Corn bread, Bran Bread, Peg Bread, Spice Bun, and our most popular item: Jamaican Hardo Bread. The Hardo Bread is one of Jamaica’s iconic baked goods that will bring back the memories of being ‘back home’. Jeanie’s bakery offers nostalgic baked goods that are baked fresh everyday with the finest ingredients, which keeps its costumers’ coming back.

Agents of Western Union and Jamaica National (Digicel)

Come and visit us at Jeanie’s Market and Bakery and enjoy the tastes and feelings of being ‘back home’!
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